January 28, 2023

Growing The Circle

The First Nations Business Development Association (FNBDA) s an Indigenous not-for-profit organization formed in 2020.

The FNBDA offers resources, tools, and supports to our membership and assists in creating and developing sustainable economic wealth. Our focus is strengthening the connections amongst us, and:

  • Offering best in class business development approaches, tools and information.
  • Providing forums for FNDCs to participate in mentorship, networking and peer-to-peer
  • learning.
  • Sharing resources and references to guide best and wise practices.
  • Supporting member events, webinars and forums.

Please share the news with your colleagues, and join us on Linkedin. We are working to strengthen the circle and grow our collective prosperity.

Learning and Growth Circle

The key focus areas of Learning and Growth Prosperity Circle is ongoing sharing and learning together, developing partnerships, facilitating investment opportunities, and growing economic and business opportunities.

Become a member and you will have access to the learning and growth circle, focusing on:

  • Developing partnerships
  • Development of co-investment opportunities
  • Sharing of culture and history, title and rights, to drive continued growth
  • Development of innovation and digital strategy to meet future needs.
  • Develop and grow business initatives.

Become a Member

Over the past year, we have been working with governments and industry to secure project funding and facilitate partnerships.

These partnerships are key in supporting First Nation economic development in many areas, including:

  • Procurement (buying goods and services from other businesses)
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Business investment and partnerships, and
  • Economic Reconciliation

Join us today and learn more about FNBDA’s 2023 focus on building capacity and procurement opportunities for Indigenous economic development.