Governance Assessment

Collecting data on current governance benechmarks helps us to gauge which areas of business governance could use the most support, and aid in our capacity development initiatives.

The following sections provide and example of how an organization can evaluate key areas of their business governance.


Strategic approach and leadership direction

  • Title & Rights strategy in place
  • Land Code in Place
  • Territory map in place
  • Shareholder agreement up to date
  • Working structure in place with other First Nations
  • Chief and Council appoints BoD
  • Community Vision incorped into Ec Dev
  • Documented Traditional Territory Map
  • Engaged in Treaty Process
  • Constitution/Declaration of Sovereignty in place
  • Set economic strategic direction
  • In Place / Functional
  • In Development
  • Does Not Exist


Development of key business structure elements

  • Establish board of directors
  • IBA negotiations capacity in place
  • Consultation/referral capacity in place
  • Business structure in place
  • Board of Directors in place
  • Board of Directors skills/experience in sync with plans and businesses
  • In Place / Functional
  • In Development
  • Does Not Exist

Plans, Policies, Processes

Development of key business governance documents

  • Business charter (or similar) in place
  • IBA negotiations process in place
  • Consultation/referral process in place
  • Financial Governance Framework in place
  • Financial Plan between institutions in place
  • Fiscal agreement(s) in place
  • Understanding of the territorial economy
  • Investment vetting process in place
  • Policies – Investment, Financial, HR in place
  • Potential Partner JV Vetting Process in place
  • Project Proponent Vetting Process
  • Comprehensive Budget & Planning Process in place
  • Land Stewardship Plan in Place
  • In Place / Functional
  • In Development
  • Does Not Exist


Measure of how well structures and processes are utilized

  • Obtain community input
  • Oversee board of directors
  • BoD reviews annual investment plans
  • Chief and Council assesses BoD performance
  • Communications Plan re Nations Interests
  • Strategic Plan Reviewed annually
  • T&R strategy currently being executed
  • Industry partnerships established
  • Training and education capacity in place
  • Entrepreneurial supports in place
  • Operational budgets in place
  • Regular reporting (quarterly) to C&C or proxy
  • Investments outside of reserve lands
  • Ec Dev Roles and Responsibilites published
  • Ec Dev Roles/Responsibilities adhered to
  • Investment vetting process followed
  • Revenue sharing agreements in place with BC/Canada
  • Co-management agreements in place with BC/Cda
  • BoD reviews annual operating plans
  • Senior Mgt Staff in place
  • Working linkages with Band Administration
  • Community Labour Market Info in place
  • Ec Dev Governance Policy in Place
  • Process Est for developing Feas studies and Business Plans
  • Financial Linkage to existing Investment Trust
  • Social Enterprise supports in place
  • In Place / Functional
  • In Development
  • Does Not Exist

FNBDA Governance Needs Assessment

Here you will find the Governance Assessment Survey. Please follow the link to provide First Nations Business Development Association with details about yourself and your development corporation for final analysis purposes and follow up.