by Clayton



We are excited to be building towards our first workshop in the FNBDA Building Capacity Series for First Nations Development Corporations. This two-day event will be held in Vancouver on March 23-24, 2023, and will bring together representatives from First Nation Development Corporations in BC and some leading experts in this field.

The agenda for the event is built around four key pillars: foundational learning, strategic growth, business insights, and opportunities for investment. Through a series of keynote speeches, case studies, and interactive sessions, participants will have the opportunity to learn from industry experts, share wise practices, and network with other First Nation Development Corporations.

Our objective is to support the growth and development of BC First Nations owned Development Corporations, in a practical learning environment focused on shared learning.

We are excited to confirm that we have a representative from Premium Brands, one of Canada’s leading food production and distribution companies, to speak at the upcoming workshop.

This part of the agenda will be a discussion focussed on successful business acquisition practices, highlighting the recent $1 Billion acquisition (in late 2020) of Clearwater Seafoods, which involved a Coalition of Mi’kmaq First Nations. This presentation will highlight the opportunities for partnership between First Nations and corporations in the food production and distribution industry.

The Clearwater acquisition was a major milestone for Indigenous economic development in Canada, as it provided the Mi’kmaq Coalition with a 50% ownership stake in one of the largest seafood companies in North America. The partnership between the Mi’kmaq Coalition and Premium Brands was seen as a positive example of how corporations and Indigenous communities can work together to achieve shared goals and outcomes.

The March 23-24th workshop will provide valuable insights and learnings for First Nation Development Corporations in BC.

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