by Clayton



FNBDA is excited to announce the first workshop in our FNBDA Building Capacity Series for First Nations Development Corporations. This workshop is the first gathering of 2023 as part of the FNBDA Learning and Prosperity Circle.

This workshop is the first in an ongoing series designed to bring First Nation Development Corporations together and support First Nations communities in creating prosperity.

This two-day workshop is structured around four pillars that are critical to the success of First Nations Development Corporations:

  1. Foundational learning: This pillar focusses on foundational components of business development, management and governance. Topics will include financial management, marketing, and operations.
  2. Strategic growth: This pillar focusses on developing and implementing a strategic approach and economic planning, including linking your Dev Corps strategy with your Nations Economic Plan.  Topics include business investment, market research, strategy development, and implementation.
  3. Business insights: This pillar provides in-depth looks into the latest trends and wise practices in business development. Topics will include governance, innovation, technology, and market opportunities. Shared learning through direct industry insights and guest speakers.
  4. Opportunities for investment: This pillar provides information on funding and investment opportunities. Topics will include access to capital, business development funds, and investment opportunities and approaches for members.

The upcoming workshop will be led by Indigenous leaders and industry experts and will provide a unique opportunity for peer-to-peer learning, mentorship, and networking.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and join us for this informative and inspiring workshop.

If you are unable to make it or the workshop fills – do not worry. This is only the first of many workshops and learning opportunities to come as part of the FNBDA Learning and Growth Prosperity Circle.

Did you Know…

…That on our website — as part of the FNBDA Learning and Growth Prosperity Circle— we have a wealth of resources and guides?

If you are registered with the FNBDA, or come and register, you and your Development Corporation can access an online library of over 120 resources.

We have a plenty of manuals, guides, and other tools to assist FNDCs in your organization’s development and operations.  These include BC-based and national resources.

In the document library are: template policy documents, strategic planning tools, governance support documents, business planning documents, and more.

Come and register and gain access to these tools and resources: Register now

This will also get you on the FNBDA email list so that we can keep you updated on upcoming workshops and learning opportunities. As well as updates on a growing library of documents and support tools for economic development and prosperity. Please let us know if there are any specific types of documents you may be looking for to support the Development Corporation in your communities.


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